Who should attend

Who should attend

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The Bristol Technology Showcase (BTS) is focused on emerging technologies and those themes encompassed in the 4th industrial revolution with a focus on how they will affect businesses and wider society as a whole.

Focusing on some of the key challenges facing organisations today, BTS is aimed at the b2b community with leaders, influencers and investors responsible for strategy and business plan execution in their respective organisations. With the exponential advancements in technology and the considerations of trust for organisations, BTS will challenge businesses to think about how they will navigate their digital transformation journeys. Some of the key debates and discussions will include…

  • an organisation’s relationship with consumers/customers;
  • corporate responsibilities in relation to the environment and how technology is supporting this;
  • disruption to human capital needs, staff and their wellbeing;
  • how regulators and policy makers are dealing with advancements in technology;
  • communities that businesses operate in;
  • Ethical issues with Artificial Intelligence and the legal implications.

In addition, many more discussion will take place across various business services and disruptive technologies and there will be the opportunity to interact with many leading technology businesses and their products in our exhibition space.

Who should attend:

  • Chairman
  • CEO’s
  • CxO’s
  • Directors/NED’s
  • Innovation directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Key decision makers of any business
  • Corporate Financiers
  • Policy Makers
  • Technologists
  • Transformation directors
  • Programme directors
  • Academics