Mark Skilton, Strategic Innovation Consultant

Mark Skilton

Mark is a Professor, international author, keynote speaker, government advisor with over 35 years experience in advanced technology and business strategy. He has held senior strategic technology roles in several global consultancies and major companies in over 20 countries globally and 1500 clients across all industry sectors in public and private organizations.  He has been an advisor the UK Government House of Commons and House of Lords Committees and EU Commission on automation and Artificial intelligence and a keynote speaker for major vendors events. 

Mark is Professor of Practice in Information Systems Management and the Industry Director of AI Innovation Network  AIIN at Warwick Business School. A graduate of Warwick, Cambridge and Sheffield Universities,  he has published four international text books with Springer Palgrave Macmillan on the business impact of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Strategy and Cyber Security and is quoted regularly in global TV & Press.