Neil Mackin

Technical Business Development Manager

At AWS, Neil leads on helping EMEA Public Sector customers to identify and develop business applications using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Before joining AWS in the summer of 2018, he worked as the Analytics Director at Capita with immediate responsibilities around designing and articulating how data analytics and AI can be used to exploit data within the many and varied services that Capita seeks to deliver across sectors as diverse as telco, utilities, banking, health, justice, central and local government.

Neil’s work has always had a common thread of the practical application of exploiting data and intelligent computing. Initially his PhD research enabled computers to plan orthodontic treatment as well as a specialist practitioner. He went onto deploy data mining onto massively parallel computers for telco call analysis before moving to setting up managed services that exploit data to personalise service and marketing. In the public sector realm, Neil has blended his research interests in theology and ethics into data led projects on community cohesion to understand what makes societies sustainable at a neighbourhood level and how resources can be most effectively targeted.