Professor Mark Skilton

Mark Skilton

Professor of Practice and Industry Director of the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Network, Head of Applied Research Center ARC Lab UK

Mark is engaged in automation research into human-computing interaction systems and the intersection of business models and artificial intelligence. He has advisor roles to the UK Government in the impact of AI on work and policy, speaking at the House of Commons and House of Lords advisory events. As well as at the European commission on the impact of Robotics on the economy as well as speaking on productivity impact and job employment with the Prospect Unions event.  He is an international author of multiple books with Palgrave Macmillan on real world best practice in new digital business models, 4th industrial revolution , artificial intelligence and new cyber security threats, including “Navigating New Cyber Risks: How Businesses can Plan, Build and Manage Safe Spaces in the Digital Age”, “ The 4th Industrial Revolution: responding to the impact of Artificial Intelligence on business”, “Building the Digital Enterprise”  and “Building Digital Ecosystem Architectures”     Mark is Professor of Practice in Informations Systems Management and Industrial Director for AI innovation Network at Warwick Business School as well as Head of applied innovation Laboratory at Enzen Global Ltd.