Jane Ginnever

Founder|Facilitator|Change Consultant|OD Specialist|HR Expert|NED

The world of work needs to change. Employers are failing to embrace not only the technology that’s available to them, but also the humanity of their workforce. As a result many businesses are failing to achieve their potential. Jane Ginnever is on a mission to change that, working with leaders to introduce more autonomy for employees and thereby creating high performing teams that are productive, collaborative and which evolve to meet changing conditions.

As a former teacher’s pet, Queen’s Guide, military officer and general control freak, Jane’s not your typical corporate rebel. Having started her career in customer service roles, she was a commissioned RAF officer for 7 years (having joined up to hone her leadership skills) and subsequently led teams and functions within a broad range of organisations for 25 years, ending her in-house career as an HR Director. She is an authoritative voice on the future of work and a regular speaker on matters relating to people and organisations, a qualified member of CIPD and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and collaborates widely on positive change projects in the UK. 

Jane works through Shift and Ways of Working Labs to introduce new ways of working that free people to be human and help companies achieve their full potential.