Dr Sabine Hauert

Sabine Hauert

Senior Lecturer in Robotics at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and University of Bristol (UoB)

Dr Sabine Hauert is a Senior Lecturer in Robotics at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and University of Bristol (UoB). Before joining UoB, she was a Human Frontier Science Program Cross-Disciplinary Fellow at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, and PhD student at EPFL. Her expertise is in engineering swarms across scales, from nanoparticles for cancer treatment, to robots for logistics. Her robotic platforms function in liquid, on land, or in the air and range for sophisticated highly capable agents that work in small numbers, to swarms of simple agents that work in huge numbers. Central to her work is the use of bio-inspiration and machine learning to engineer desired swarm behaviours.

In the past 5 years her work has been published in Science Robotics, Science Advances, Trends in Biotechnology, Advanced Intelligent Systems, Frontiers in Robotics and AI, and RA-L/IROS. She leads a team of 7 PhD students and 4 postdocs as primary supervisor and is the Bristol PI for the EU H2020 FET-OPEN EVONANO project, a Wellcome Trust Elizabeth Blackwell Institute catalyst grant, and two EPSRC IAA translational awards in robotics, including one focused on swarm warehouses. She’s helped her team secure postdoctoral fellowships with EPSRC and Royal Academy of Engineering to conduct research with her.

She is also President and co-founder of Robohub.org which reaches over one million page views per year, and 30k followers on social media.  As an expert in science communication, she has been invited to give over 50 talks and keynotes at international conferences and public events in the past 5 years and is often invited to join committees of importance, for example with the Royal Society Working Group on Machine elarning, or their Data Community of Interest.