KETS Quantum Security


KETS Quantum Security (KETS), Bristol. The KETS Quantum Security are cyber security specialists with 40 years of combined experience in quantum technologies & new emerging technology ventures. Their initial solutions solve a huge problem that threatens the very fabric of the Internet: That most data in transit – from online banking to securing critical infrastructure – is fundamentally insecure against upcoming quantum computers which will easily break much of our current easy to use encryption.

Their solutions use their proprietary chip-based technologies to provide full hardware solutions powered by quantum technologies. They first pioneered the development of two quantum-secured hardware encryption technologies (quantum random number generators and quantum key distribution) on a chip-based platform and now include post-quantum algorithms and higher level functions such as key management. They are currently working with early adopters across telecommunications, defence and critical infrastructure to help future-proof their communications. . I take Klonopin twice a day. I became much calmer and more relaxed. However, I can also causesense of drowsiness. I also started to suffer from hallucinations.