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Bristol Technology Showcase
Aerospace Bristol,
Friday 8th November 2019

2019 Bristol Technology Showcase

The Bristol Technology Showcase (BTS) is focused on emerging technologies and those themes encompassed in the 4th industrial revolution with a focus on how they will affect businesses and wider society as a whole. The event is part of an umbrella brand of technology events that are being co-located over the same week under the banner of the Bristol Technology Festival.

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Aerospace Bristol

The home of Concorde will provide an iconic back drop and is a truly apt setting to the theme of the day. Concorde was an engineering marvel and a style icon worldwide. Capable of crossing the Atlantic in under three hours, Concorde cruised at over twice the speed of sound and reached an altitude of 60,000ft.

The first British prototype made its first flight from Filton on 9th April 1969, 38 days after the French prototype. The final Concorde flight was made on 26th November 2003, when Concorde 216 flew from Heathrow to its final destination — Filton. En route, it made the last supersonic flight by an airliner for the foreseeable future. At Aerospace Bristol, it is preserved for future generations, at the birthplace of supersonic travel. For those driving to the event, Aerospace Bristol has free car parking for up to 250 vehicles. Equally, for those arriving by train, Bristol Parkway Station is just 2.5 miles away.

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